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in Toronto and all GTA.. because food is an important matter to Us!    
Planning an event can be a lot of work and it is hard to decide what kind of event you want to have, what the best way to serve your guests will be, and how many guests you reasonably have room for. Setting up for your guests’ arrival can be an exhausting exercise in grocery shopping, time management and lists. Understanding your event needs and your catering vision is important to us to ensuring a successful event.

A full service, off-site event caterer will specialize in a wide variety of foods and services, coordination, décor and is comfortable in new and different spaces. Schipano Fine Foods has been in the off-premise Toronto catering business for over 3 generations, our clientele and experience is massive.

If is a small intimate party or a large gala dinner we have the knowledge to give you the comfort in different spaces gives our planners a unique ability to assess a space, its capacity, and the best style of service for an event catered in your backyard, dining-room or other space in your house, everywhere in Toronto and also we catered events in few place of Ontario.

Schipano Fine Foods has a list of chefs and staff in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Stoufville, Caledon, Bolton, New market, Scarborough and all over the GTA, that can achieve and satisfy your request. 

The quality and caliber of service provided is high and Schipano's will help to take care about every aspect: 

welcoming guests; passing hors d’oeuvre;  plating the meal for your guests, clearing the table, clean up the house at the end. Our chefs are among those that work in the Schipano Fine Foods kitchen with Chef Luciano Schipano – meaning that they are trained in-house, and know every aspect of food.

 As well, Chef Luciano, knows that the ideal staff to guest ratios with the size of the space and the type of event must be considered.

You have spent the day tidying and cleaning the house and you are ready to open your doors to your guests; the idea of washing up once the last guest has left doesn’t appeal to most.

Schipano Fine Foods has relationships with Toronto’s top suppliers and we know where to go to source both basic and more specialty items. Ordering rental equipment is an art in itself, and having the right number of each item can ensure a seamless event. It isn’t often you get to be a guest in your own house, leave all the worries to us and enjoy your event!

Contact us today and we can help out your ideas, the feeling for your event, the event timing and guest count, as well as the event space available. We can design a menu, rental list and staffing 
requirements for different types of service, from cocktail parties, to buffet dinners or plated meals.

 If more suited to your needs, Schipano Fine Foods has menus that are designed to be picked up, or dropped off and reheated, by yourself, in your home. 
The prepared dishes can be a great alternative to preparing a whole meal by yourself, we also free delivery in Toronto GTA.

Hiring a caterer 

should allow you to be a guest at your own party 

 let us to do what we do best, while you sit back, relax, and enjoy while you accept the compliments from your happy guests!

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